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About Us

About LLG School

LLG School is a free online Bible school for Sunday school teachers and small group leaders. Whether you are called to lead a ministry (e.g., adult, youth, discipleship), Bible studies, Sunday school, or missions; in your home, local church, workplace or abroad, we help you grow into the fullness of Christ Jesus for the work that lies ahead


Not a Bible class


This is not a Bible class. There are hundreds of venues for that. What we share is the experiential knowledge critical to experiencing and growing into the fullness of Jesus Christ. Hear and learn from humble men who have walked with the Lord, been broken by the Lord and have been anointed to speak from the heart of God. 


What we believe 

There are no Christian denominations in the Kingdom of God. Just sons and daughters who worship the Most High and his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Thus we teach as did Christ. Repent and love the Lord. And those with a repentant heart, who plea for mercy, will be born of the Spirit of Christ, given a new heart and new nature to love God and to worship Him. 


And the evidence they have been born of God, that they are genuine followers of Christ, is they will love the Lord with all their heart and strength, they will love their brothers and sisters in Christ, and they will love their neighbor and enemies as themselves. These that are born of God will transform, continually, into the likeness of Jesus Christ. You are God's masterpiece, created in the Messiah Jesus to perform the works of Christ.  Works that God prepared long ago to be our way of life (Ephesians 2:10).


Our method 

Before a Christian worker can be useful in the hands of God, he must examine himself to see if he is truly in the faith. If there is misalignment, all your good intentions and ministries will bear no fruit to the glory of God. Thus we hold up the light of the Scriptures, the will of God as expressed in his Word, and we examine ourselves; always with the aim of building holiness, faith and obedience to God Almighty.


The secret to an effective ministry

Once you are in alignment with the Word of God, the Lord is free to work through you, to his glory, honor and fame. It is the Lord who does the work dear friend, and we are but vessels in his hand. However, the vessel must be abandoned unto God, so that Christ Jesus can fill us with His Spirit. And in doing so we become the hands, feet, eyes and mouth of the Lord Jesus. 

This is the secret to a ministry pleasing to the Lord; to becoming an effective small group leader, missionary or Sunday school teacher. This servant of the Lord will proclaim the Word not in name only, but with power and be a witness for the Most High. You will see the miracles of God in those that repent and are conforming to the image of Christ. You will experience the joy, peace and satisfaction of knowing God Almighty and hearing those most precious words, “Well done good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21) 


Your teacher

Your teacher at LLG School, is Michael McPherson the founder of LLG Ministries and a man brought under the burden of Christ. Michael’s riveting testimony and witness for the Living God can be found in the autobiographical book My God. Michael is also the author of Adam & Eve, The Judgement Throne of Christ, I Never Knew You and publisher of Paris Reidhead’s The Greatest Sermon of the 20th Century and Unveiling God’s Church.

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