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Foreword Greatest Sermon


Foreword by Michael McPherson

It was August 23, 2007 at 2:30 a.m. when I encountered the living God. Humbled to the floor of my tub, weeping, and limp, I was only able to utter the words “Yes Lord, I understand.” Something strange and inexplicable happened to me that early morning. I would later realize I was truly born anew, I had changed, my thoughts and everything changed, my whole world was tossed upside down as the Lord himself began to consume me.

But I was a babe in Christ, a newborn child. It would be about two years later that the Lord brought me a God Parent; someone who would nurture, teach and guide me to truth. A man who would help me to see and learn and grow into the things that were promised to every child of the Lord. That man, that God Parent was Paris Reidhead.

“God is Spirit and those that worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” Brother Reidhead had already physically passed on however it was his spirit that was alive through his recorded sermons and writings that spoke directly to my heart.

I discerned truth from Brother Reidhead in a world filled with religion, apostasy, ritual, ceremony, politics and professing Christians that could claim every verse in the Bible, but had not the Son. Brother Reidhead was a man well acquainted with the struggles, failures, fears, and heresy of the world of religion.
However, it was he that the Lord brought through the miry clay, humbled and broken, to the feet of the Lord Jesus. And then in that place, emptied of himself, the Lord touched his lips and with no fanfare Brother Reidhead became a prophet, watchman, teacher, pastor, missionary and vessel for the Lord Jesus.


“Thus saith the Lord…” Only a prophet can utter these sacred words. And so with authority and wisdom from the Lord himself, Brother Reidhead proceeded without fail to be that reed in the wilderness, preaching the undeniable truth.

Is this the “Greatest Sermon of the 20th Century?” In my humble opinion, the answer is undeniably yes. This book, a compilation of ten of Brother Reidhead’s messages from the late 1950s up until 1961 all point to a singular truth of such importance, that it could mean life or death, joy or pain for the reader.
It is a message focused on two groups of people. First to those who profess Christ, whether they name themselves Christian, Catholic or any of over 30,000 denominations. You may be a member of the clergy or a layperson, this message is for you, especially for you. Judge yourselves is the warning from the Apostle Paul. See if you indeed are in the faith and have reason for hope.

And the second group for whom this message is aimed, are those who have heard of this one called the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. They have heard of his claim to be Immanuel, God come in the flesh. This message is for you. Come and hear truth. A message you probably will never hear in most churches today.

I’d like to thank Mrs. Marjorie Reidhead, beloved wife of Brother Reidhead for allowing me to publish this book. Paris Reidhead Bible Teaching Ministries Inc., a group formed by Mrs. Reidhead and family, continue to share Brother Reidhead’s teachings, selflessly, to the world.

I invite you to continue this reading by hearing the riveting, inspiring and commanding live voice of Brother Reidhead deliver this message on

May the Lord have mercy and keep you.

Michael McPherson, LLG Ministries

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