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Foreword Unveiling Gods Church


Foreword by Michael McPherson

Pastor Reidhead was a man who loved God’s Church. Those men and women willing to live for the Lord Jesus Christ at whatever cost, to the despoiling of their goods, to poverty, to tribulation, and even to death. A company of people banded together by the Spirit of God in love for Jesus Christ, in worship of the Triune God, and in mutual strength and encouragement and in witness.

The Lord through His precious grace burdened Brother Reidhead with a heart for God’s people. His mission to edify, exhort, reprove, proclaim and comfort the Body was always a labor of love. Always towards the mission of glorifying our Lord Jesus.

This burden would lead him to the Cross where upon abandoning Himself to the Lord he was filled with the Glory of Christ and in that time and time after, he would look back on his first 14 years as a pastor and missionary and shake his head and say “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!”

He would say his usefulness to the Lord really began when he experienced union with Christ in death and resurrection and was filled with the Spirit of God to truly become the hands, the mouth, and feet of Jesus Christ; 14 years after becoming a pastor. No longer a religious man trying to do right, but a man who was the reflection of Christ, in obedience to his Master and from whose control he could not escape. A man who on his knees, broken would continually ask, “Lord what would thou have me to do?”

In Unveiling God’s Church, a newly published collection of the late Brother Reidhead's sermons on the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation, we gain deep insights on how we should think about the Church, the Body of Christ. We learn the only reason for the Church existing is to glorify the Lord through the lives of its members and to bring Him honor, fame, praise and love. We learn job number one of the preacher is to deliver to the Lord a Bride pleasing to Him.

And thus in God’s Church our hope is that every day, in every circumstance, and in every situation, God and His sovereign love is going to use my life to bring glory to His Son. But this only happens when each member is perfected, when each is filled with the fullness of Christ. This singular purpose is the reason He gave us pastors, teachers, and prophets, to bring the Body to perfection: not to build ministries and monuments to men in the pulpit.

This perfecting or maturing of the Body of Christ, His Church, is the process of growing into the royal priesthood. Every believer is destined to become a priest, a minister unto God. There is no laity and clergy distinction in this Body. And each member, grown into perfection, is revealing the power and character of Christ through:  (a) intercession for sinners, (b) power over Satan, (c) fruit of the Spirit-filled life, (d) witness for Christ and (e) gifts of the Spirit. This is how the Church is to glorify Him by revealing Christ in every believer. This royal priesthood is His perfected Church.

Unveiling God’s Church starts with the revelation of the Head of the Church, King Jesus. And who is the Christ the Lord wishes His Church to know, but the one with eyes like a flame of fire, in regal attire, hair white as snow, a countenance like the shining sun, and a voice like rushing waters. And all that come into His presence drop like dead at His feet. This King Jesus is Lord of the Church, no longer meek and lowly on a crucifix, but King of kings. And all shall bow the knee before His glorious presence.

Then with all the wisdom of a spiritual father, Brother Reidhead sheds understanding and guidance on the journey that leads to God’s Church being perfected, blessed and sustained. From the strengthening of the saints to the awareness of sins that defile the Church, we are taught, implored and prayed for. Unveiling God’s Church is a timely message and a blessing for the people of the Lord.


Michael McPherson, LLG Ministries

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